The Effect of Social Media on Adolescence Mental Health

Several issues affect youths that are suffering from mental illness. This is because of the many triggers that they face in day-to-day life. There are many challenges that social media has created that many people face whenever they visit social media sites. 

Although social media was created to make it easy for people to bond and communicate, many more people take to it to bully and cause others pain. The experiences that most youths go through specifically in social media have become a major influence on youth mental health. There are several kinds of research being done to find out more on how social media affect youths. 

The digital technology era has become universal with many young people sticking to screens when they need entertainment and information. Most youths are fully immersed in social media on their smart gadgets and it has become the new normal for many youths. With many more youths having access to smart devices, it has become the major way to use when communicating with others from all over the world. Young adults spend most of their time on social media sites and although it has its benefits, it is also causing very serious issues among the youth. 

Adolescents are vulnerable to mental illness because of the high risk that they face because of social media. There is a high concern for mental health among the youths which is leading to suicide, depression, and many other concerns among the youths. As time goes by, more youths are susceptible because of the risk of new technologies. 

More research on social media and mental health is needed to understand the issues that are affecting the youth. Because of social media, it has become a major issue to keep a keen eye on adolescents. This is because of the many challenges they face when using social media. Most youths are bullied and face social stigma when they are on social media sites. Other youths prey on individuals with predisposed conditions and vulnerabilities that they use negatively on others. 

There are so many risks that social media expose the youths to and the experiences that several youths go through are sometimes not pleasant. They are exposed to social media content that displays risky behaviors like drugs, alcohol, and many other substances. This makes them vulnerable and they must try to get solutions that might make them fall into these bad habits. 

It is a known fact that most youths have been influenced to start some risky behaviors through social media. With some sites even encouraging suicide and many other wrong solutions, more must be done regarding educating the youth about social media. 

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