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mom and newborn

Postpartum depression more heritable than we thought

New research shows that postpartum depression is more hereditary than we have always thought. Postpartum depression (PPD) is even more heritable than major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric conditions
Nov 6th, 2023
college students

Mental Health Challenges High among Minority College Students

According to a recent study from the University of Georgia, depression and anxiety are increasingly concerning issues among college students, particularly when it comes to students who don't belong to the same racial group as the majority of their peers
Oct 20th, 2023
lithium for bipolar disorder

Lithium for Bipolar Disorder: All You Need to Know

Lithium is widely used to reduce the frequency and severity of manic episodes in bipolar disorder. It may also reduce the risk of dementia in patients with bipolar as well as scale down suicidal ideation.
Oct 11th, 2023
woman ADHD

Early Signs That May Help Predict ADHD Risk

Recent research conducted by RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences suggests that certain factors known at birth, such as maternal drug use, smoking, and pregnancy complications, may help predict the likelihood of ADHD symptoms in the child.
Jul 13th, 2023

Possible Cure for OCD Found at Last?

Scientists have recently made an exciting breakthrough in understanding OCD by uncovering a chemical imbalance in specific regions of the brain associated with decision-making and habits. This finding not only sheds light on the underlying cause of OCD...
Jul 6th, 2023

New Type of Depression Found

A recent study conducted by scientists at Stanford Medicine has shed light on a new type of depression known as the cognitive biotype. This specific subtype, accounting for 27% of depressed patients, is characterized by difficulties in planning ahead...
Jun 29th, 2023

Is schizophrenia an autoimmune disease? What new study suggests

Several past studies have identified a link between autoimmunity and schizophrenia. Schizophrenia also shows many similarities with auto immune diseases that it could be considered an autoimmune disease itself. Well, a new study has shed even more light
Jun 11th, 2023

Brain mechanism behind anxiety and OCD found at last

Researchers have always thought that only neurons, the major type of brain cells, control behavior. But a minor type of brain cells known as microglia also influences behavior -- specifically anxiety-related behaviors.
Jun 10th, 2023
lithium toxicity

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Lithium Toxicity?

Lithium toxicity is a serious condition in which there's too much lithium in your blood. The question is, how do you know you have lithium toxicity? This article highlights signs and symptoms of lithium toxicity
May 3rd, 2023
pregnant woman

Can stress during pregnancy lead to postpartum depression?

Can stress during pregnancy lead to postpartum depression? This question is fundamental as it can help us uncover risk factors for postpartum depression, consequently allowing us to buffer against it before it gets the chance to occur after childbirth.
Apr 27th, 2023

Depression and gut bacteria: how gut health affects your mood

Researchers have recently discovered how gut health can impact mental health. There is an intestinal immune cell that impacts the gut microbiota (total microorganism in the gut), which consequently affects brain functions associated with stress-induced beh
Mar 22nd, 2023
child climbing tree

Children's mental health is declining: here's why

A new study suggests that the rise in mental health problems in school-aged children and teens is associated with a decline in opportunities for them to engage in independent play unsupervised by adults.
Mar 13th, 2023

New Blood Test for Detecting Anxiety Discovered

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine have developed a new blood test that can objectively determine a person's risk for developing anxiety, the severity of their current anxiety, and which therapies would work best for them.
Mar 11th, 2023

What Are the Long Term Side Effects of Lithium Use?

Like almost every other medication, it's not all rosy with lithium. It, too, has its side effects. But the good news is, you can significantly reduce the risks of side effects of lithium by using the drug in subtherapeutic doses.
Feb 24th, 2023

Acts Of Kindness: An Easy Way Out Of Depression

Did you know that showing kindness to others can help you out of depression? It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Researchers have found that depressed people who showed kindness experienced improvements that other known depression and anxiety man
Jan 30th, 2023

Chronic stress can cause inability to feel pleasure: here's how

When under chronic stress, POMC neurons in the brain are activated, resulting in anhedonia, which is the inability to feel pleasure, as well as despair, which is essentially depression. In humans, this can result in lower libido and reluctance to interact
Jan 26th, 2023

Clonidine: the blood pressure drug that can prevent PTSD

In line with the recent trend of repurposing drugs for other illnesses, clonidine seems to be the latest surprise. Researchers have found that clonidine, a drug used for high blood pressure and ADHD, can be very effective in preventing PTSD symptoms
Jan 20th, 2023

Social Support Can Be Key To Preventing Depression

When things get tough, it's always a good idea to reach out to someone for support. But did you know that social support can be especially crucial for those who are genetically predisposed to depression?
Jan 16th, 2023

The Role of Pharmacogenetic Testing in Psychiatry

Pharmacogenetic testing (or pharmacogenomics) can help psychiatrists select the right antipsychotic drugs for each patient based on their genetic makeup. This can lead to better and faster recovery from mental health issues.
Jan 15th, 2023

The Role Of Metformin In Treating Psychiatric Illnesses

Metformin is a diabetes drug that researchers are now studying its use in psychiatry. So far, studies have been able to show metformin's effects in managing psychiatric issues like bipolar depression, antipsychotic-induced weight gain, and schizophrenia.
Jan 9th, 2023

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Mental Health

Looking for some New Year's resolutions for 2023? Maybe this is the year to give more priority to your mental health. Because, think about it, there's nothing more important than putting your health first.
Dec 27th, 2022

Telehealth Keeps Mental Health Patients on the Road to Recovery

Due to how telehealth made life easier, opioid addiction patients are now more likely to continue medication-based treatment. This includes patients who are black, elderly, or lacked stable housing, demographics who are less likely to afford quality health
Dec 13th, 2022

How virtual reality helps with addiction recovery

Virtual reality can aid addiction recovery by lowering the risk of relapse and encouraging patients to connect with their future selves. When a patient interacts with their healthy future self, they become less inclined to use harmful substances again
Dec 6th, 2022

PTSD and alcohol use disorder: breaking the link

There is a link between PTSD and alcohol addiction. While some patients depend on alcohol to soothe their traumatic memories, there is a protein in the brain that plays a role in both mental disorders.
Nov 21st, 2022
newborn with low birth weight

Babies with low birth weight at risk of mental health problems

A recent study has found that babies with low birth weights are more at risk of developing mental disorders like depression and anxiety in their childhood and teenage years. On the other hand, babies with larger birth weights are less likely to develop a m
Nov 14th, 2022

PTSD patients can benefit from Blue light therapy

Poor quality sleep usually inhibits the effectiveness of PTSD treatments. And when the treatment isn't effective, the symptoms (including anxiety) remain the same, contributing further to sleep problems. This leads to a vicious cycle. Blue light can help
Nov 7th, 2022
girl sleeping

What to do when you can't sleep

Having trouble falling asleep? That can be very annoying, especially when you're bored. Luckily, there are things you could do to help you fall asleep faster, such as breathing techniques and creating a relaxing environment.
Nov 1st, 2022

Lost Boys: How Societal Pressures Can Ruin Lives

Just as society systematically pressures young people into a particular thought process, the public, media houses, and online forums must speak up and inform these young ones of what's truly right and wrong
Oct 28th, 2022

The cause of postpartum depression found at last

Experts have always thought the risk factors for postpartum depression are the mother's age, diabetes, and history of mental illness. But a new study has found that the cause of postpartum depression is strongly linked to a deficiency in the body's ability
Oct 20th, 2022
alcohol use beer

Low alcohol use can lead to addiction

According to a recent study on rodents, even the smallest amounts of alcohol activate the part of the brain associated with the development of addiction. So when you take a sip of alcohol, you inadvertently prepare your brain for alcohol use disorder.
Oct 18th, 2022
sound numb pain

Sound can suppress pain: new research shows how

A new study has identified how sound blunts pain. Using state-of-the-art brain imaging, an international team of researchers has discovered the neural mechanism through which sound numbs pain. lower volumes were more effective than loud music
Aug 25th, 2022
couple talking

How to talk to a loved one about their mental health

Indeed, talking to your loved one about their mental health can make a whole world of difference. But you may feel like you don’t know the right thing to say, or even worse, you may be scared of saying something wrong. However, learning how to talk to some
Aug 15th, 2022
two people sad

How to tell someone about your mental health issues

To talk to someone about your mental health challenges, set aside some free time (at least 30-60 minutes) when neither of you would have to take care of other obligations. You can start with a text message or social media if a face-to-face conversation is
Aug 12th, 2022
trouble sleeping

Dealing with Sleep Problems: What to Do When You Can't Sleep

Sleeping problems may result from stress, worry, noise, interruptions, or even prolonged screen time at night. Sleep problems usually resolve on their own within a month, but if they go on for long and interfere with your daily life, they may indicate a s
Aug 2nd, 2022
sleeping alone

Sleeping together can help you sleep better

A new study has discovered a link between sleeping together, better sleep, and mental health. People who sleep together (partners, siblings, or friends) tend to sleep better than those who sleep alone. And, of course, quality sleep is key to mental health.
Jul 25th, 2022
woman feeling guilty

How To Deal With Guilt When You Hurt Someone

The feeling of guilt can be horrible. It’s a place none of us wishes to find ourselves. But unfortunately, things happen, and it’s not uncommon to discover we’ve hurt someone so terribly that we become trapped with guilt. But how do you go from there?
Jul 20th, 2022