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Josh loves people! He works in administrative support and special projects. He is a student at Utah Valley University where he is majoring in Nursing and plans to go to graduate school to become a PMHNP and will hopefully be joining Hope Mental Health as a provider when he is finished. He loves music and is creating his own album. He writes his own music, plays multiple instruments and sings!




Dave also helps out with administrative support in the office. His background is accounting and finance and his main job is as a Mortgage Broker, helping people get loans. He enjoys the outdoors, travel, sports and theatre.





Jaxson helps with our phone calls and scheduling, among other things. He is an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University, where he is studying Exercise Science. He hopes to one day go to medical school and become a physician. He enjoys playing and watching sports, watching movies, and reading books!




James is reliable, self-efficient, and highly passionate about his work. He is a registered nurse and an office assistant helping our phone calls and scheduling. James enjoys watching basketball and playing online computer games. He was a community leader for ten years and very passionate about helping other people.

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