The Pandemic Has Made Depression And Anxiety Symbols Double

With the pandemic becoming a global crisis, individuals with mental health issues have suffered more than others. This is because depression and anxiety symptoms have doubled according to clinical psychologists. There is a call for people to help youths and other people who are suffering from mental illnesses. It is important that amid the pandemic, they can find ways to deal with their mental health issues. 

The percentage of children, youths, and adults experiencing mental crisis is on the rise even as the covid-19 pandemic also rises.  New findings on depression and anxiety show that the symptoms have doubled especially in children and adolescents compared to the time when there was no pandemic. The research shows that one in four youths are experiencing clinically elevated depression, and one five have anxiety symptoms. 

Older adults are also experiencing a rise in depression and anxiety cases especially after the restrictions were imposed. This is because when adolescents and other young people are isolated from their peers, it becomes challenging for them. Even if a kid has mental health issues, they find a way to deal with the anxiety and depression while in school socializing with others. This becomes impossible when they are socially isolated and kept away from friends and peers.

It helps keep kids on the school routines and encourages social interactions because it will help to keep them happy. This situation will get better once the kids go back to school and continue with their daily routine. They will interact with other kids, and this will help them to pass through different milestones. When the pandemic hit, most things came to a standstill, and one of the people affected are kids and older teens. During this period of life, an adolescent starts to differentiate between family and peers. They draw support from their peers and also from other activities.

While in school, the kids participate in several activities like sporting events, coming of age activities, graduation ceremonies, and many more. It is difficult to have graduated and not be able to share the event with other peers in school. The kids do not have an opportunity to bid teachers, the school, and their classmates goodbye. 

It is important that as the health effects of covid-19 are being contained, mental health is also looked at. This is especially in the case of kids because they are in crisis at the moment. The chronic stressors that the youth are experiencing will end when there is a recovery plan. 

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