It’s Teacher Appreciation Week this week, and man, do these teachers deserve our appreciation.

A recent study found 93 percent of elementary school teachers are highly stressed. That so many endure this stress and continue their work teaching children is incredible, and as a mother and grandmother, I’m grateful.

Researchers suggest big-picture changes to create a more positive environment for teachers, including finding ways for administrators and parents to have positive interactions with teachers; giving teachers the time and training they need to do their jobs; and creating support networks so teachers don’t feel isolated. They also recommend instituting programs that promote good mental health practices and overall health.

But there are things teachers can do individually to cope with the stress better. I read a blog post on with one teacher’s recommendations, and a lot of these ideas can be applied to anyone experiencing professional stress. Here are a few:

Excessive stress is terrible for your mind and body. Teachers and everyone: Take care of yourselves!

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