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NPR has pulled together a cool new web app exploring mental health at schools. It has all kinds of statistics and graphics and links that shed light on the problem and ways schools can improve their intervention.

According to the app, there are up to 10 million kids in public schools showing signs of a mental health disorder, but only about 20 percent receive any kind of treatment.

The problem? There are simply not enough adults at schools who can help. With 21-27 students per class, 491 students per counselor, 1,151 students per school nurse, and 1,400 students per school psychologist, most kids who need help are slipping through the cracks.

Still, even with current ratios, the situation could improve if parents, teachers, nurses, and others had more training on what to look for.

The app is a great tool for understanding an important problem. Go here to check it out.

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